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In Shocking News, Alleged Murderer YNW Melly Is A Suspect In Another Murder

SOURCE-As he sits behind bars for allegedly murdering his own friends, YNW Melly is now suspected in another murder.

According to a VeroNews report posted Thursday (Feb. 21), the Gifford, Fla. rapper and his friend YNW Bortlen, born Cortlen Henry, are considered suspects in the 2017 shooting death of deputy Gary Chambliss of the Indian River County Sheriff’s department. Head of the Sheriff’s Office’s criminal investigations division Captain Tony Consalo didn’t confirm whether both rappers are suspects. However, following the Miramar, Fla. shooting that got the two arrested in the first place, detectives believe the seemingly isolated incident could be connected.

“After that shooting in Miramar, our detectives will be following up for possible information in connection to the Garry Chambliss homicide,” Consalo said. “Perhaps, given their current situation, they might be able to shed some light on the case.”

The unnamed source in the report asserts that YNW Melly, and his cohort YNW Bortlen, were at the scene of the shooting in 2017. Both rappers were reportedly standing in a group when someone within the group threw a bottle at a passing car, which made the car’s driver return fire. One of the rappers allegedly fired back and Chambliss was hit with one of the bullets before dying.

Last week, Melly and YNW Bortlen were charged with two counts of first-degree murder after police accused them of killing their two friends and staging it to appear as a drive-by shooting.

When I woke up this morning there was approximately 12 billion pieces of news I could have read that would have surprised me more than this. You mean a man that is sitting in jail for allegedly murdering two of his friends may have possibly murdered someone else? Who woulda thunk it?!

This is has been a bonkers week or so of news with YNW Melly. One moment his stock is skyrocketing after dropping a hit song with Kanye West, and the next your sitting in jail for two counts of first degree murder. They say all publicity is good publicity, but when the publicity leads to you potentially never seeing a day of freedom again I think that makes a strong argument to the contrary. Although, this is without a doubt the most attention and radio play YNW Melly has ever had so who the hell am I kidding?! Hopefully in the end the families of the victims get some of the fortune that’s being made off his music while he’s in jail. I was in the car last weekend and heard “Murder On My Mind” and “Mixed Personalities” in about a 20 minute span. What a world.