It Would Appear That We're Getting A Paulina Gretzky Photoshoot Soon........

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Listen I’m here to bring you the hardest hit news and here it is, it would appear that Paulina Gretzky will be releasing a photoshoot soon. That’s why my eyes are telling me. Last night she started to appear on some photographer’s Instagram story in a series of poses that looks like a photoshoot. Connect the dots and I think we’re getting a Paulina Gretzky photoshoot. Just maybe. It’s certainly a possibility. Let’s put it at that.

It’s about time IMO. Paulina stays posting pictures on her Instagram that are photoshoot-worthy so why not just do an actual photoshoot? I feel like the last photoshoot she did was for Golf Digest and that was roughly a million years ago. Me and all the other Paulina fans out there will be waiting with bated breath until it drops.

Roll it!