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Tim Anderson: "Ride With Us or Get Run Over"

I’ve grown to love Tim Anderson not only as the White Sox short stop, but as a dude who doesn’t give a fuck what others think, and I’d chain myself to a statue for him I mean I’d run through a brick wall for him I mean I really like him as a person.  He’s the perfect leader for this team right now.  Young, charismatic, and plays his dick off every single day.  So I’m choosing to ride or die with him and you can too.

Now this week has sucked.  The White Sox have killed off a few narratives over the last few years, but the biggest boogeyman they had to slaughter was their stigma that they’re a “cheap” organization.  They had a golden opportunity to do so this winter but failed and failed in spectacular fashion.  I said it yesterday, this is the most pissed off I’ve ever seen a fanbase.  No embellishment there.

But a few things do still reign true:

1. The White Sox still have a fuck ton of talent on the way.  Eloy, Cease, Robert, Kopech, Madrigal, Burger, about a 1/2 dozen stud bullpen arms, Dunning, Basabe a top 3 pick this June and a top 10 pick next year and more are just a year or so away.  That’s it.  That’s a LOT of high end talent.

And because of said high end talent, #banned rules still apply.  Fans can be pissed at the the front office for their failures this week, but do not quit on these players.  They will eventually form a 25 man roster that executes winning baseball games.  There will be growing pains, of course, but if anyone quits on the team because Eloy has a bad week or Lopez gets tuned up for a 5 spot and says “these guys suck!” you’re an idiot and should just go root for the Brewers or some shit.  Here’s an updated list:

2. They’ll still be in play for free agents moving forward.  Which free agents, I’m not sure.  But they won’t whiff on the tier 2 guys like they did on tier 1 guys this winter, assuming they don’t pursue Harper.  A winning team is still close, and one that will win for at least a half decade.

Here’s a comprehensive list of who’s available next year via free agency:

and they will also start dealing prospect capital for established vets.  Though a long shot, hopefully they can pull a Christian Yellich type trade out of their asses.  And I’m not necessarily talking about trading for someone who goes ham and wins an MVP, I’m talking about trading for someone who has extended control through their prime and anchors the fuck out of your lineup.

Shit week.  But good times are ahead.