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I Have No Idea How Tommy Kahnle Is Still Alive After Drinking 6 Red Bulls and 2 Coffees a Day For The Last 6 Years

Tommy Kahnle’s body should be donated to science when he passes away. I have no idea how you can drink six Red Bulls a day AND two coffees. I mean that should make anyone’s heart explode. That’s like 100,000% the caffeine you should have on a daily basis. I drink one Red Bull on occasion and I feel ready to run through a wall. I cannot fathom pounding down SIX. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but Jesus Christ Tommy we need you this year bud. To also add in two coffees on top of the six Red Bulls is utter nonsense.

I legit had my first coffee of my life this weekend and was WIRED. I thought I could run a marathon, but maybe that’s because I tossed 4 sugars in there. I thought I was a wild man pulling that move, but I was not even in the same galaxy as Kahnle.

Maybe cutting this out brings back Bull Dog Tommy? That’d be awesome.