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This UPS Delivery Guy That Stopped To Shoot Hoops Should Be Fired For Putting Up Nothing But Bricks

Listen, I love this move. If you see a hoop and a ball you get up shots. That’s a rule in life. You can’t argue that.

But, you can’t sit here and fire up three bricks. On top of that you NEVER leave the hoop without making your last shot. Ever hear of karma? You learn that you make your last shot before you leave when you’re like 5 years old.

He has to be fired for this. If he went 1/3 I’d be singing a different tone. You can’t pull a Jack White and miss 26 straight threes. Just shows you’re not committed to getting away with shooting hoops on the job.

On top of that I just have a bunch of problems with this video. He picks the ball up under the hoop. Start with a layup. See the ball go through the hoop. Then step back towards the free throw line/elbow and launch a couple. Then you step back to the 3-point line. Smh at Steph ruining the game.

I do appreciate that he can’t wait to get up shots. He puts the package down pretty quick to run and get the ball. Always get buckets though.

h/t owenmcallister2 on IG for the video