Dude Trying To Rob A Gun Store Gets TOSSED When His Buddy Drives A Truck Through The Wall

Stupid criminals will never not be hilarious. They’re an internet staple. Cute cat videos and stupid criminal videos are the Founding Fathers of viral internet videos (and porn but in a different way). Without them, who knows where we’d all be right now. I’m just glad to see we’re still getting quality stupid criminals content in 2019.

That dude got TOSSED. Those guys probably spent weeks planning that robbery and the first thing that happens is one guy runs over the other guys. Stupid criminals are the best. And then he got hit again! He didn’t learn his lesson in the slightest. He stayed in the exact same spot and guess what happened? He got hit again. Incredible.

You know what that reminded me of? “No no no I kill the bus driver”

Pretty much identical tossings and sorta similar circumstances with it being “friendly” fire. I really hate to lump a genius criminal like The Joker in with the stupid criminals who tried (and failed) to rub a gun store but I had to do it. The tossings are just too similar to not.