How Much Will Nike Stock Plummet After Injuring Zion Williamson?

So by now I’m sure everybody has seen or heard that Zion Williamson hurt his knee when his Nike sneaker ripped apart at the seams 33 seconds into tonight’s game. No joke it’s the most famous wardrobe malfunction since Janet Jackson’s nipple popped out at the Superbowl. And more importantly this has to be the worst PR moment in the history of Nike. Like hey look our sneakers are made like such shit that they literally come apart at the seams and injured the #1 pick in the NBA draft on the biggest college stage there is with the entire world watching. I mean if I was a competitor I’d be using this footage in every ad I made for the next 100 years. “If you don’t want to tear your ACL don’t wear Nike”.


It will be very interesting to see if the market reacts to this. Right now Nike stock is trading at 84.84. If I owned it I’d sell it all. I’m not even joking. You can’t just injure Zion Williamson on National TV and not go through a long and severe recession. I’m very curious to see if I’m making this up or whether Nike feels it in the morning.