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Zion Williamson Exploded His Own Sneaker And, Oh, Yeah, Hurt Himself In The Process

Nothing like all the hype of Duke/UNC. Showing Obama and Griffey and Gurley and everyone else only for this to happen. Now, what in the hell is this? Don’t get me wrong, we see blowouts quite a bit, but not a full on explosion of a shoe like this.

And to make matters worse he’s now in the locker room because he hurt himself. I have no idea what the injury is. But, hopefully nothing serious.

Update: Done for the day. Here’s hoping it’s not as serious as it looked at first:

Well, that doesn’t sound ideal. It looked like he grabbed his knee and then his thigh pretty quick after hitting the ground. Either way it was a nasty fall and sort of put all his weight over on one side. But, any time you have parents back in the locker room it’s not the best sign.

Just unreal.