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KFC Radio Tomorrow Night Instead Of Wednesday - Get Your Calls And Tweets For Maurice In Now

Gotta do a special Tuesday night edition of KFC Radio instead of Wednesday this week. So if you’ve got a voicemail or a tweet, call now or send in your questions. I fully intend on this being very similar to I Know Black People. I’m coming up with a list of white people questions to ask to Mo. Sound off in the comments section with questions you think would stump Mo. Obviously your horrendously racist questions are not gonna make the cut. But if you come up with something funny and clever I’ll read it out during Mo’s White People Quiz tomorrow night and shout you out. You can call the hotline 646-807-8665, tweet me @KFCBarstool, leave a comment in this blog, or email me at

If you guys take the time to actually be funny and clever with these questions, as opposed to just throwing on a white hood and burning crosses in the comments section, this has potential to be absolutely hilarious. Don’t let me down.