50 Cent Claims Donald Trump Offered Him $500,000 To Show Up To His Inauguration

Incredible. If it’s actually true that Trump offered 50 Cent half a mill to show up to his inauguration I really don’t think I can find it within myself to fault him. That just sounds like a genius use of $500,000 if you ask me. Hanging out with 50 Cent is as good of a marketing campaign to gain street cred as it gets. 50 has adapted to the times about as good as anyone thats aged into the older generation of rap. He’s beloved by the old heads and the young generation because of his timeless bangers and his phenomenal use of social media. He has one of the wildest and funniest instagram accounts on the planet, which may not seem like much when you say it out loud but anyone with a brain for the current social climate should be able to comprehend it is crucial to staying relevant in todays game. He’s done more than just stayed relevant, he’s grown and evolved with the times.

The way 50 said he “didn’t know if he could fix the damage” and “don’t pick me to fix the African American vote pick somebody else” was so funny. He would have absolutely taken that money if it wasn’t for the social repercussions he would have to endure. I know his camp got that offer and he sat there thinking in his head like “damn, half a mill is a lot of money just to pull up” and at the same time was also thinking “mother fuckers are gonna start boycotting Power if I go to this shit” and just said na fuck it I can’t do it.

Can you imagine if Trump was giving his inauguration speech and 50 was just posted up in the background? The internet would have broke and the world would have exploded. Those are the kind of moments when you sit and question how twitter is still free. I feel blessed 50 shared this story with the world just so we can dream about what would have happened. In my dream the second Trump finished his speech the “If I Can’t” beat drops and the world goes bonkers. That would have been some presidential ass shit.