Khabib Nurmagomedov Selfishly Robs Fans Of An All-Time Superfight, Forces Georges St-Pierre Into Retirement

Welp, there goes Fun Ruinin’ Khabib once again ruinin’ everybody’s fun.

Homeboy catches wind that Georges St-Pierre, arguably the greatest mixed martial artist to ever do it, wants a shot at his title (and later this year, no less!) and he immediately turns it down, running scared from the one man who could feasibly match his grappling prowess. Biiiiig shocker, eh? Especially being that not even a month ago, “The Eagle” claimed GSP was on his shortlist of names to face before he called it a career?

“I don’t know right now, but why not maybe (Georges) St.-Pierre, (Tony) Ferguson and (Floyd) Mayweather? It will be these three guys, and we can retire and become the greatest athlete of all time.”

When St-Pierre realized the fight wasn’t gonna materialize, he decided to call it a career, honorably, as this is truly the only bout that could add anything to his legacy. He threw up this nice post with his longtime friend and coach Firas Zahabi…

…and will hold a presser tomorrow to formally announce that he’s hanging up the gloves.

Since this news broke, Khabib’s decided to request St-Pierre not to retire “until they fight”!

You takin’ the Mayweather approach or something, punk?! You gonna wait until GSP is in an old folks home to call him out? Fuck the suspensions you and your teammates got – you deserve ‘em. Either fight Georges St-Pierre when you’re eligible to or sack up and admit that you’re dodging him…something Conor McGregor has never done to ANY opponent. Odds are, Khabib didn’t even call Georges out. It was probably Ali Abdelaziz, his shady-ass manager!

Just a shameful, selfish, and cowardly move by the supposed “pound-for-pound” king.