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It's Chicago Mayor Week On Dog Walk And One Them Nailed The Machado Deal

Eddie and I have been out in the field the last week or so rounding up Chicago Mayoral candidates for Dog Walk.

To say it’s been an interesting chain of events would be a drastic understatement. The last thing I ever thought I’d be doing is interviewing Chicago politicians about watching Game of Thrones and egging houses as kids. But here we are. Viva la stool indeed.

Anyways, we had Bill Daley on yesterday. Bill’s the former White House Chief of Staff to Obama, US Secretary of Commerce under Clinton and obviously the son of world famous Richard J Daley. Everything checks out on paper but we had to get to the good stuff. Machado or not to Machado we asked? Here’s what he said:

We gotta get him but idk if I would go beyond the latest rumors. I guess 8 years for Padres I wouldn’t go beyond that. I maybe do the deal that was speculated… give him a lot for 4 years then see where he’s at. Let him leave, then if he wants to leave and it hasn’t worked ok. But I think this 10 year commitment stuff you hear is a big stretch for a team. But we need him and we could use him… 

10 year commitment stuff. Padres. Player option halfway thru and a firm understanding that’s a big stretch “for a team” … find you a candidate that can run for office and still keep up on 2019 MLB Free Agency. Pretty crazy when you consider how much this offseason has consumed some people.

PS – The White Sox have a .520 W% when a Mayor Daley is in office (1955-76, 89-2011). That would be good for 4th all time behind the Yankees, Dodgers and Giants. Something to keep in mind when all 9 voting Sox fans hit the polls next week.