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Students Suggest Rebranding The Nashville Predators To Avoid Stigmas Associated With The Word “Predator” And I Officially Hate Everyone

This has to be a joke, right? These are the things that make me believe that we are completely done as a society. Students at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia are lobbying for the Nashville Predators to change their name to the Nashville Sabercats to get away with stigmas associated with the word “predator”.

Do I even need to go into detail as to how stupid this is? When you google what the definition of the word Predator is it comes up as “an animal that naturally preys on others.” The word Predator has been around long before creepy dudes on the internet started getting called them.

I can only imagine what the people of Nashville think of this. These people love that team more than life itself. Everyone has a Preds jersey in that city. Imagine telling an entire city they need to go buy new jerseys? I’m sure that’d go great.

Obviously this is something that will never happen, but I just needed to point out the pussification of America…because the mere fact that someone would take time to make a powerpoint on the Predators needing to change proves we may be donezo as a society. I don’t care if this was just a powerpoint for a class project. If you think this way I hate you.