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Jeopardy Matt Is The Most Terrifying Person On Earth

Somebody rush the stage and save Trebek! There are crazy eyes, Adam Gase eyes, and then there are just straight up supervillain eyes. And based on that quirky intro story that may or may not involve a collection of corpses strewn about the Greater Denver area as well as the red/black outfit choice, which everyone knows is the go-to color scheme for anybody that’s pure evil, I am leaning heavily toward supervillain. Maybe even el Diablo himself or at least Judge Doom from Roger Rabbit.

You want to know the most fucked up part of all this outside of Matt’s pupils autocorrecting to BOLD every 5 seconds? I am actually pulling for the silly son of a bitch. It’s been a little while since we had a Jeopardy contestant that could move the needle and Matt being unable to reign in his eyes and eyebrows would definitely keep Trebek on his toes and may even spook him to the point that he is too scared to get sassy with his bougie accent whenever a French word pops up.