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Winner...And STILL GTA Champion...Leanna F'ing Bartlett

Dynasty! 4 rings on her fingers. I said she was gonna have to earn it. I stepped up with Charlie Sweets. I threw GIFs at her. Stoolies threw porn videos at her. Almost 2,000 votes later and its still Leanna Bartlett by a buttcheek. Just a shade under 5.0 (5.5 is the middle, since its 1 to 10) I really thought this was gonna be it for Leanna. I didn’t think she could beat naked GIFs. But that ass of hers just doesn’t quit.

Now all I can do is post these same pictures again. I wish I had more for you guys, but these are like the only pictures of her on the internet. She’s a no-name model other than her Barstool New York Best of the Best Dynasty.