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Gunna Rented A Whole Aquarium For His Album Release Party Because You Can Never Have Enough Drip

Kings stay kings. Rappers always have the sickest, most creative ideas. A party in an aquarium is some next level shit. I remember my first time going out in Atlantic City I went to this club called “The Pool After Dark” with a massive pool in the middle of the club and all these VIP areas with jacuzzis in them and I thought it was the best club I had ever been too in my life. There’s something about partying in and around water that just puts everyone in a better mood, it just feels wealthy as shit. The vibes of being surrounded by huge fish tanks with sharks and colorful ass fish floating around while you sip henny and smoke big boof blunts sounds heavenly. I think an experience like that could bring you closer to god. I feel like certain atmospheres make the alcohol and the weed just slap harder. I can’t officially confirm, but it seems to me an aquarium would definitely be one of those places.

Put Gunna on the cover of the Driptionary. This man is laced head to toe in drip while floating in a tank of drip. He literally has drip on his drip while submerged in drip on the cover of his album “Drip or Drown 2″. These are levels of drip never achieved by mankind before. Some might go as far as calling it extra terrestrial drip. Truly special. The album drops Friday and I  have BIG expectations. Gunna and Lil Baby have the sound on lock right now. Drip Harder was an absolute smash. I’m expecting the same from Drip or Drown 2. If you want to see more footage from the party you can see it here on Gunna’s Instagram story.  Young Thug, Future, Nav and a bunch of other huge names were there.