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Frankie Borrelli May Start A Riot If There Is A John Tavares Tribute Video When He Returns To Play The Islanders

Going to an Islanders game with Frankie Borrelli is unlike anything I have ever seen. Picture how you crazy you are going when your team is in the Super Bowl and there is 2 minutes remaining. Frankie is like the from start to finish at regular season games in December. The kid is the biggest Islanders fan on the planet. So when I saw the news today the Islanders are planning a tribute for John Tavares my immediate thought was that Frankie may start a riot.

Video tributes are so overdone now a days. It seems like everyone and their sister is getting a tribute video. Sooner or later Black Aces will start getting tribute videos at this point. I really believe that you should only get a tribute video if you either 1. Connected heavily with the fans during your time in a city or 2. Were a franchise changing player. I think leaving on good terms is a big part of it as well.

John Tavares was definitely a franchise changing player for the Isles. But is now the time to do a tribute? During this magical season that started with John Tavares abandoning the team? I’d say no. Give it a year or two then do the video.

I’d even like to see something a little petty from the Isles. Maybe if the tribute had “Thank u, Next” as the song (shout out to my girl Ariana Grande).

The Isles are a wagon and there is a shirt to prove it. They don’t need John Tavares. They are the best story in the NHL. Lose their best player, basically no home rink, a new coach and they some how got better. They are making the metro their bitch right now.

So I can’t imagine Frankie being too happy if the focus is taken off his first place Islanders (the best team of his lifetime) and put on John Tavares and that is why I think we may have a riot ensue when Tavares returns to the Coli on February 28th.