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Kyrie Spotted Talking To Kevin Durant About “Two Max Slots”

So this is making the rounds on NBA Twitter this morning. Celtics fans freaking out, Knicks fans planning their celebratory parade, the whole nine. But what people are missing here is two things: first and foremost Kyrie is the biggest troll in the NBA by far. I mean he can’t even keep a straight face while he’s trying to pull this one off. He knows where the cameras are at every turn and does shit like this constantly just to freak people out, stay at the forefront of the national conversation and then complain about how much media coverage he’s getting when he’s grown tired of his most recent prank.

And if that didn’t calm your nerves (cause it sure as shit didn’t calm mine at fucking all what the friggin heck Kyrie) then may I turn your attention to point number two: look at KD’s body language. He doesn’t give a fuck about two max slots. Not in the slightest. Guy can’t even lift his head to feint interest in this pitch. You give the Knicks five max slots and new ownership, then I think KD is all in on this little plan. But just two? And a high lottery pick? Not gon’ be able to do it!