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Duke Is Going To Win By A Million After UNC's PG Admits He's A Traitor

Duke by a million. Easiest bet tomorrow now. This just screams you’re a freshman if I’ve ever seen it. Listen, Coby White is damn good. He’s having a great year. This might be the dumbest quote of the year.

You have to lie here. You just have to.

And not only that but the game is at Duke. We’ve talked about how Cameron Crazies and Duke fans are nerds (except Marty. Non-Duke students aren’t nerds).

But, the one thing they will do is give other players shit. I fully expect them to do something with the Austin Rivers shot tomorrow. I fully expect them to have chants prepared about White being a Duke fan. I fully expect everyone losing their mind.

Now, this isn’t that uncommon. There are other stories of guys growing up a fan of one team and going elsewhere. You go where the money  the scholarship is. Sometimes you can’t go to your favorite team. I get that. But, you DON’T bring up that quote two days before the first game against your rival.

Although we should have seen this coming. White is a wildcard. I mean who celebrates an and-1 like this in the 1h in January?