I Am Public Enemy #1 At Texas A&M Right Now

On Sunday night, I blogged about Texas A&M’s “Ball Nine” chant against Fordham this weekend. It was obviously a completely serious blog. Everyone knows I’m a baseball purist who hates fun. That’s the only reason I blogged it. I just don’t want to see kids getting bullied playing a childhood game they love. It happened against some loser school in the north called Fordham. That fact was completely irrelevant though and had nothing to do with me blogging it.

Well Aggies Twitter got a whiff of it, and they were none too pleased. Now, if my blog was a troll, I’d probably make a snide comment about their utterly astounding ability to not understand sarcasm. But again, it wasn’t a troll blog so I won’t say that.

Here is some of the cyber-bullying I’ve been dealing with. Thankfully, Texas A&M is not known for being a cult or anything so I’m sure it could be much worse.

I even had some of the blue checkmark brigade at my neck.

I refused to get pushed around and had to fight back against these random blue checkmarks flooding my mentions.

Looks like I won’t be taking a trip to College Station anytime soon.