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And Just Like That The Chicago Blackhawks Are ONE POINT Out Of The Playoffs

That was without a doubt the most obnoxious regular season win of all-time. 9 fucking goals in the first period. 15 goals in the game. Back and forth. Up and down. Against the WORST team in the NHL. I wanted to puke between 4-5 time throughout the game. Toews hitting the post and not covering cost me a parlay that paid 18-to-1. And you know what….I don’t really care. Two points is two points is two points and now they’re one point out.

It was full Jim Mora like 2 months ago

12 18 standings

This has been a remarkable run. The fact that the Blackhawks are one point out after everything has happened is unbelievable. It’s been so remarkable that people are starting to point at the black spot on the x-ray

Hey everyone…

You think we don’t know this already? We’ve been watching the team play this way for TWO YEARS now and it was trending that way before that too. I’ve been banging the table since the summer saying that the formula to win was EXACTLY what we are seeing right now. It would be Toews having a bounceback year…check, Kane being a super star…double check, growth from young guys like Debrincat, and spectacular goaltending…che…well it’s been largely pretty good goaltending last night not withstanding. This is it. It’s an unlikely formula and perhaps not conducive for long-term success, but it is fun and right now it’s working so let’s enjoy the ride.

This is why I haven’t stopped saying #FireStan. The team isn’t that good. That’s just a fact. They have a handful of SENSATIONAL players carrying this team. That’s not a recipe to be a contender, but it is a recipe for fun. I was texting with WSD during the game last night. He’s a hockey novice. He LOVED that game. High scoring, great pace, super exciting. It was a great night for the casual fan. For the diehards…it made us a little nauseous. I don’t want to watch games like that. I want to see them defend and more importantly, protect the puck. I don’t really care about shot-based metrics because I hate the assumption that all shots are created equal and all players shooting the puck are created equal. I will take 5 shots from Debrincat and Kane over 15 shots from replacement level players.

Winning is better than losing. The Blackhawks needed 8 goals to win yesterday and I guess so be it. The positives from that one are…they scored 8 fucking goals AND…this team just never quits. That’s why I love them. That’s why I hated the 2017-18 Blackhawks so much. They’d roll over. Not this team. Down 2 goals early isn’t a death sentence. Needing to pull the goalie 8 minutes into the game isn’t a death sentence. They just dig down and find a way to win…their way. Whatever it takes for the last two months and the Blackhawks have done it. They don’t quit and if you can’t appreciate that then you can get off the bandwagon. Winning is better than losing. Playoffs are better than no playoffs. I don’t care about how this season ends so much, as long as they continue to play and compete like winners. Just get in. Let’s have so fun. Restore the pride. #JoinOrDie

PS: Duncan Keith went over 30,000 Minutes played for his career last night. THIRTY-THOUSAND. That is incredible. 2nd round pick in 2002 and he weighed in at a whopping 160lbs. Nobody has made more out of their natural ability than Duncan Keith. He’s been the absolute perfect defensemen. He deserves a statue outside one day.