Eloy Jimenez Has The Prettiest Swing You'll Ever See

The first thing that pro YouTube scouts like me look for when breaking down a swing is how a hitter’s feet look and act.

Is he balanced? Is he using the leverage of the inner heel, knee hips and thigh to drive through the baseball?  Does all of this create torque in his core that leads to bat speed and whip while his bat travels through its plane?

There are all of these scientific break downs with graphs and charts and all that jazz that fundamentally says all the same shit.  In the end it all says the same thing, and in particular that Eloy Jimenez has a fucking awesome swing.

I could legitimately watch him swing all day.  It’s perfection.  Regardless of what happens in the Manny Machado sweepstakes, at the very least we’ll have Eloy to look forward to this year.

Eloy comes off as a quiet, yet exceedingly confident kid.  Soft-spoken yet not afraid to throw around “My goal is to be the very best rookie in baseball” quotes at White Sox beat guys:

His service date is 4/12.  Unless he gets hurt this spring (he is always tweaking something and it’s annoying af) he’ll be up that day or very shortly after.

Thank the good lord for Theo Epstein.  And speaking of Theo…

Tough scene, hate to see it blah blah blah