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The Bar Of Excellence For Halftime Shows Has Been Set By These Rope Jumping Dogs

Hand up. I missed this happening at the Rutgers game the other night because I was too focused on Joe Wieskamp draining a buzzer beater at the end of the game. That’s on me but this way is almost better because more people will see it now. More people will see two dogs helping a third dog jump rope. I always wonder how they even start training dogs for something like that. What’s the process? How long does it take? Does it always work or do only certain dogs grasp the concept? It’s crazy that they just start with a dog who obviously has no idea what a jump rope is or what it’s for and then eventually they get to finished product above. It’s amazing.

There have been a lot of incredible hal time shows over the course of human history. Red Panda obviously comes to mind. She’s the GOAT and will never give up that spot as long as she’s doing her thing. She’s like the Wayne Gretzky of halftime shows. She’s in a category all by herself. But in terms of new halftimes that I’ve seen? Dogs jumping rope goes right to the top.