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Robbie Gould Confirms He Wants To Come To The Bears

(670 The Score) Veteran kicker Robbie Gould, the Bears’ all-time leading scorer, is hoping to find in free agency the best fit for his family, a contract of at least three years and a winning team.

Will that opportunity come with the Bears? Gould was asked about that on 670 The Score in an appearance with Zach Zaidman and Tom Thayer on Sunday evening.

“I can’t answer that question,” Gould said. “It’s really out of my control at this point. I have only the exclusive rights to talk to the San Francisco 49ers right now. They’re the only team that can get a deal done with me before free agency.

“When that March 11 deadline opens up and hits and the tampering period window opens, it’s kind of a free-for-all. You’re trying to make the decision that’s best for your family and what fits where you want to go for the next part of your career.

Robbie Gould says he wants long term stability for his family, you say? Well our good mutual friend, Pat Mannelly, said that Robbie Gould will live here after football. He said it two weeks ago on Redline Radio

Robbie…you want a 3-year deal? How about a 30 year deal? A 40 year deal? You want to be the special teams coach when you’re done…fine. You want to have one of those cushy ambassador jobs that the Hawks give to their legends…bro you got it. You want me to drive back and forth to Halas Hall every day? I’ll do that. I am a great driver.  Name your price. Name your terms. Life time contract. Just come back to Chicago so the Bears can go to the Super Bowl.

In all seriousness…I am TOTALLY in favor of Ryan Pace and Bears working out some kind of quid pro quo contract with Robbie Gould. “Like…sure pal. Sign for the league minimum for a 3 year deal” and Robbie says some bullshit about how he just wants to come home and it’s a hometown discount yada yada yada. In reality he’s getting 100grand for the rest of his life delivered in a duffle bag. Everyone wins. Super Bears, Super Bow. Make it happen.