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Free Ball Don't Lie Shirt To Whoever Can Tell Me Why Lebron Was In This Picture?


So last night was Dwade and Dirk’s last All Star game since they are both retiring.  They had a nice little ceremony.  They got their pictures taken holding their jerseys.  It all made sense. But I’ll tell you what didn’t make sense. Lebron somehow weaseling his way into this picture. Umm bro it’s not about you.  Just like it’s not about you when Dirk buried a three and you ran out like a little girl to steal the spotlight even though everybody knows Dirk hates you like poison.

Just vintage Bron Bron.  Everything always has to be about him. He can’t bear not to have the spotlight on him for 1 second.  He’s the most egotistical, self centered athlete who has ever lived.

Also Bron and Dwayde need to chill acting like this alley oop was something special. Dwayde saying it was like riding a bike. Shut up dude. It was basically an empty gym alleyoop. Literally any two guys in the gym could have done that. God these two are so fucking annoying.