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PSA To Students: Don't Vape Or You Could End Up Like This Tool

Everyone knows the dangers of vaping on society, especially teenagers. Studies show that teenagers are 16x more likely to use JUUL products than any other age group. Additionally 50% of teenage vapors use a JUUL three or more times a month, and 25.3% use it 10 or more times.

This is why it’s so important to educate the youth on the dangers of JUULing. The above video comes from a high school assembly on JUUL prevention. They are showing a video from a November Fox News segment where a millennial vapor faced off against an anti-vaping doctor.

What a douche bag.

Luckily, high schools and colleges across the country are using that segment to warn kids against the dangers of vaping, no matter how cool Vape God makes it seem.

Stay safe out there kids. Or you could end up like him.