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Whatever Don Cherry Says Should Be Treated As Fact In The Hockey World, No Questions Asked

I don’t know where we went wrong in society. I don’t know when, I don’t know where, and I don’t know why. But somewhere along the line, it appears that it has become en vogue to disagree with Don Cherry and disparage this man’s takes by calling him a crazy old man. It’s sad to see, and it makes me incredibly worried about the future generations of hockey fans. Because if there is one man in this world who is looking to save the National Hockey League from becoming an absolute joke like the NBA is, it’s Don Cherry.

Whatever comes out of Don Cherry’s mouth should be categorized as a fact of life by the hockey community, no questions asked. If he hates the Carolina Hurricanes post-win celebrations, well then we all hate the Carolina Hurricanes post-win celebrations. I don’t care if it’s meaningless. I don’t care if it takes more energy to hate the celebrations than it would to just disregard them entirely and have zero opinion on them either way. I do not care. If Don Cherry says fuck those jerks, well then fuck those jerks.

And yes, I also understand that Don Cherry has made an entire career out of being theatrical and way over the top–which is exactly what these post-win celebrations from the Carolina Hurricanes are. I’m not an idiot and I recognize the irony in this entire situation. But read that headline again, you idiots. I said “no questions asked”, which means that everybody needs to just shut up and respect Grapes saying whatever is on his mind at all times, even when whatever is on his mind is just mindless nonsense that is strung together in a barely coherent sentence.

By the way–I know that a lot of this rant just makes Don Cherry seem like the old man yelling at the cloud…

…but the point he brings up about doing this in the playoffs is actually a really valid point. I mean obviously it’s the playoffs so teams probably shouldn’t need any “extra” motivation to try to win every game. But if the Hurricanes find themselves in the playoffs this season, there’s a damn good chance they get swept just because the other team is going to do everything in their power to make sure they don’t get to do one of these goddamn idiotic choreographed celebrations after winning at home. Every home game for Carolina in the playoffs (if they are able to make the playoffs) is going to be treated like Game 7 of the Cup Final by the away team. So you can be a Beta and disagree with Don Cherry all you want, but I just hope you know he’s 100% spot on with that last take.