Dirk Celebrating With Every All-Star While Ignoring LeBron Was The Play Of The Game

Dirk being this big lovable dude just continues. Listen, I love LeBron, I haven’t hid that. But, I love this move from Dirk. You’re there to compete and Dirk came and balled out. I mean the dude was drilling threes in the first half and celebrating right in LeBron’s face.

You think he cares about high fiving LeBron? I don’t think so. This is really just a pretty good representation of what big time free agents have done to LeBron and the Lakers recently. Just sitting there ignoring him and going to celebrate with other All-Stars.

What is LeBron doing here though? Why is he sprinting out to celebrate with Dirk? You’re on the other team. Talk your shit and then celebrate after the game. Come on LeBron, help me out one time. I want to help you.

No one had more fun last night than Dirk: