Carter Hart Picks Up 10th Win In His Last 11 Starts, Should Make A Late Case For The Vezina

Detroit Red Wings v Philadelphia Flyers

I’m not sure if anybody ever told you this or not, but Carter Hart is just 20-years-old. He can’t even legally purchase alcohol in the city that he plays for until the end of this upcoming summer. Think about that for a moment. Carter Hart would need to have a fake ID right now to buy some booze. He’s still just a small child in the world, but it just so happens that he’s currently the hottest goalie in the NHL. The National Hockey League. The greatest hockey league in the entire world. And here he is winning 10 games in his last 11 starts.

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Had a little rough patch there early on as he was still getting used to the NHL game but it’s not like he played poorly in any of those 5 straight games that the Flyers lost. The team was just in the middle of a complete meltdown at that moment and Carter Hart at least gave the team a chance to get themselves out of that tailspin. Only issue was that the offense decided too play like a bunch of divorced beer leaguers. Carter Hart was a 20-year-old kid playing in front of a bunch of divorced guys. He wasn’t set up for success. But since then?

I mean just look at what this has been able to do. Just 2 losses since January 10th. And he may only be 20, but Carter Hart already owns one of the Original 6 franchises by starting off his career with a win over the Detroit Red Wings and then sweeping a home&home series against the Red Wings this past weekend. 3 games against Detroit, 3 wins against Detroit, and he was a teenager playing junior a season ago. All that history with the Detroit Red Wings organization and Carter Hart just wipes his ass with it. He wasn’t even alive when Detroit had won their first Cup in over 40 years against the Flyers in 1997 to start that dynasty. Heck, he wasn’t even conceived by then (talkin’ bout sex here). And now here he is owning their entire existence.

To give up 4 goals in the 3rd period on Saturday and still have the resiliency to not only win that game in overtime, but to then play against that same team the next day and beat them again in their home barn? It can’t be stated enough how much Carter Hart has changed the entire mentality of this team. I understand he won’t have the numbers to actually be in the Vezina Trophy conversation this year. I understand he won’t have the numbers to actually be in the Hart Trophy conversation this year. But if this is just the start of his career, I have a feeling he’ll be involved in all of those conversations for the next 10-15 years.

P.S. – Great goalie, better human.

P.P.S. – No shirts for Carter Hart right now. We’ve already seen the Buffalo Sabres get cursed by the Wagon tee. The last thing this kid needs right now is a shirt to mush him straight to irrelevance. Just be patient. A Carter Hart shirt will be available when the time is right.