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So Some Shit Went Down With Manny Machado and Bryce Harper Last Night

So last night, a large part of White Sox Twitter went into a full on nuclear meltdown over a series of Big J journo tweets, starting with Ken Rosenthal’s scoop that the Brewers brought back Mike Moustakas on a 1 year deal:

Suffice it to say, Mous fit the mold as the clear plan B to whoever missed out on Manny Machado.  He’s a solid enough player; should be good for 30+ dingers, solid 3B defense, and obviously isn’t really making shit for money, all things considered.  Except Mous was seemingly waiting for Machado to sign so he could eliminate a team from his market, thus driving his price up, right?  Well… no.  That’s not what happened.

Mous, a Boras client, said fuck it and went back to a team ready to win now even though Machado has yet to sign.  If he were to have signed with the Padres, it would have been a really good sign for the White Sox.  That would have taken every team in the Machado sweepstakes out of contention, assuming Heyman’s tweet below is on the money, which nobody has any reason to doubt it isn’t:

So Harper is rounding 3rd with the Phillies.  That leaves the Padres and White Sox in the mix for Machado.  I was told last night that Machado is going for a straight cash grab at this point.  No longer is he worried about playing with his buddies in Chicago or playing in New York or taking a short term deal to play with a contender; he’s so unhappy with how his free agency has played out that he’s going to the team that gives him the most money.  Period.

Now, that was more than likely the case anyways, but Heyman reaffirmed it last evening:

So here we are.  Monday morning, about 10am central standard time, on February 18th in the year of our lord.  But let’s rewind it to last December, about 14 months ago.

The White Sox considered trading for Machado to get him into the organization so they had the opportunity to sell him on their plan, their prospects, their FUTURE, and then have first crack at extending him in a deal that would effectively keep him in Chicago the rest of his career:

Now obviously that never happened, and the White Sox weren’t in a position to start trading prospect capital for him yet anyways, but their interest not only him, but the 2018-19 free agent class was evident.

They traded Chris Sale, Jose Quintana and Adam Eaton and everyone else with a pulse to shed their payroll down to peanuts this winter.  Right now, their payroll heading into the 2019 season is low:

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 8.39.39 AM

and their 2020 and 2021 payrolls even lower.  Legit have ZERO on the books before arb deals:

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 8.41.36 AM

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 8.41.50 AM

I’ve said it on Red Line Radio and the blog for over a year now.  The White Sox have money to play with.  A FUCK TON of money to play with.  Everyone laughed in my face when I said they had a shot to sign Harper or Machado because of this payroll flexibility, but what do ya know?  Here we are and the White Sox at worst have a seat at the table.  And as Rick Hahn said at Soxfest a few weeks back, the organization will be disappointed if they don’t land one.

He spoke with fucking conviction when he said this.  They expect to convert.  They expect to win this thing.  And we have no choice as Sox fans but to take his words to heart.  They planned on being in this position 2 winters ago when they traded a HOF pitcher and tore the organization to pieces.

And the Padres?  Apparently they weren’t even considering a “whale” until just a few short weeks ago.

The market is suppressed to the point where teams are able to jump in last minute and make an offer.  Not cool, but to be expected.  But back to the main thesis of the blog.  The White Sox were in this to win this from the jump, and by the jump I mean last December when they considered trading for him.  Let’s bullet point it out:

– Most “experts” projected Machado and Harper to sign deals for 10 years and $300MM+
– The White Sox HAD to have known they’d have to “overbid” aka be the high bidder, and probably by a lot to convince a premier talent to sign with a team coming off a 62 win season
– As it stands now, it looks like 8 years and about 300MM will win out, give or take a year or two then a few million dollars, well short of prior projections
– two teams are left who can maybe sign him, the Padres and the Sox (assuming Philly signs Harper)

So with all of the news about the Padres coming out last night, White Sox twitter needs to calm the fuck down.  I’m not worried.

I’m not worried because Reinsdorf, Kenny and Hahn know how bad of a look it would be for them to lose out to the San Diego fucking Padres after spending years planning for this signing and trading for and signing his buddies from the 305 crew.  If they want to be crucified in the media, they cannot fuck this up.  Not unless San Diego pays like 1 billion dollars for him.

And if I do have reason to worry, I will let everyone know.  At this point, for both public reasons and private reasons, I am not.  The White Sox still love the position they’re in and expect to sign him, and with all of the leaks coming out last night, I think it happens soon.  Notice how I made love bold in the previous sentence.  They expect to land him and think they will.

Then again, if the Padres do swoop in and steal Machado for a deal that’s not completely exorbitant, we fucking RIOT.  They have no excuse, none at all at this point