THE LEGACY LIVES ON - You Best Protect Ya Neck Against Kron Gracie, My Friends

Hoooooollyyyyyyyyy shit, folks.

If you weren’t aware already, Kron Gracie is no joke, and he just proved that by flawlessly submitting Alex Caceres within the first half of the first round of his UFC debut, demonstrating just how TERRIFYING his ground game is in the process. He’s got that Demian Maia type skill on the canvas, where if he’s got his hands on you, he’s just a straight up sheet of cellophane you ain’t EVER getting off, and it’s a wrap for your hopes and dreams of defeating him. Kron’s striking didn’t look too bad, either, for the brief time this fight was standing up. He was able to clip and seemingly hurt Caceres, a superb, unique striker, and definitely had the fundamentals down pat from what I saw. At least enough to close the distance and grab ya, which is all he really needs, to be honest.

Mark my words on this one – Kron Gracie is going to be a real problem for EVERYONE in this featherweight division before you know it.

We may live on a fuckin’ eyeball after all, ladies and gents.