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Bellator's Most Anticipated Fight Ever Turned Into Their Most Disappointing Fight Ever Real Quick

Well, that fucking sucked. I don’t even know what to say about it.

Michael “Venom” Page vs Paul “Semtex” Daley was quite literally the most anticipated fight in Bellator history, especially across the pond over in the UK – it being the biggest MMA fight of all time over there – and it was just fucking terrible. Nobody did anything in the first, and the majority of the second, then Daley shot for a bunch of takedowns, some of which he got, some of which he didn’t…and the whole rest of the fuckin’ fight was a grappling match where neither guy seemingly knew how to grapple!

Daley literally booed his own fight and talked shit about how boring it was WHILE getting grapplefucked against Jon Fitch not too long ago, and said two years ago that if he were to fight MVP, he’d want a “no takedowns” clause put in the contract where the first person who shot for one would be fined 50% of their purse, and then spent this entire fucking fight shooting for takedowns.

I don’t get it. I truly don’t. I’m sitting here in disbelief, motionless on my couch, disappointed beyond words. Why is that how that had to go? I’d rather MVP have kicked Daley in the cock ending the fight in fifteen seconds, rendering it a no contest than have that shitshow we just had to sit through.

I mean, what the fuck? I’ve been trying to get people excited for this fight for months! I made people stay up late for this fight! I made Trent stay up late for this fight! They made a whole friggin’ Sky Sports deal over in the UK for this fight because of how many eyes were gonna be on it!!! And this is what we got?! C’mon man. What the fuck?! What. In. The. Fuck. I’m going to bed.

What an unfortunately horrible double-header weekend for Bellator. Hopefully UFC in Phoenix tomorrow night closes out the weekend on a better note. Sorry guys.