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Tiger Woods Is Lighting Riviera On Fire On A Casual Saturday Night

I’m honestly worried Tiger might post 55. What is there to do after that? What’s there to look forward to? What’s the point of it all? Do they just cancel the PGA TOUR? I’m concerned. Tiger’s such a savage he may suck all the intrigue out of golf.

Fortunately Big Dick kept it interesting this week and actually looked like he may miss the cut earlier this morning before making a clutch birdie on his 36th hole to erase any doubt.

Now he’s played his last 6 holes in 6 under to go from on the cut line to tied for 12th. There’s still A LOT of golf to play.

The leaders just teed off. Tiger is lighting Riviera on fire. But unfortunately the sun’s about to set…

Will be a hell of a Sunday — I’ll be geared up for it all.