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Klay Thompson's Favorite MJ Story Is 'Space Jam' ... Does Klay Know 'Space Jam' Isn't Real?

Goddamnit I love Klay Thompson. He’s the best quote going in the NBA and it’s not even close. Between hearing about his recruiting trip being Rock Band and fireworks. Him constantly just looking like he doesn’t give a shit or have a care in the world.

Then he goes and drops 43 points on 4 dribbles.

But, now I’m a bit worried. Just how (allegedly) high is Klay right now? Or does Klay not know Space Jam is fake? I mean yeah, MJ played a major role in that, but he knows there’s a sequel right? Wait, a minute. I got it.

Klay is totally in Space Jam 2. That has to be it. LeBron wants him as a Laker so he’s putting him in Space Jam 2. Totally should have saw this coming.

That genius is back at it with the best tampering yet. Hire guys to be in your movie and get them to LA whether they know it or not. I mean Klay would go back there.

Personally I prefer to live in a world where Klay thinks Space Jam is real. That’s the one I want to be a part of. Klay just confused when Steph tells him that aliens don’t steal talents but then Klay pointing to Kevin Durant confused. Can Space Jam ruin the Warriors?