Anthony Davis Officially Admits He Wants To Be A Celtic!!

New Orleans Pelicans v Boston Celtics

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Well well well what do we have here. Interesting how suddenly the tides have turned and all the hooplah about how the Celtics weren’t a destination for Anthony Davis, about how he wanted to play for every other team under the sun but them turns out to be complete bullshit. Almost as if in reality it was just Rich Paul and LeBron trying to float things in order to pressure the Pelicans to sending him to LA. That NO should take their offer because Ainge isn’t going to give him a better package since AD doesn’t want to do there. Whoops! Why do you think Ainge has never shown an ounce of panic in this whole situation? Why do you think they came out and pretty much called the Kyrie stuff bullshit as well? Because it clearly was!

Incredible! Now it’s pretty clear what’s going on here. It wouldn’t shock me that because of all the drama surrounding Davis from the other night, that he’s coming out publicly saying stuff like this to ultimately help the Pelicans later this summer. That’s fine, doesn’t matter why he’s doing it other than the fact that he’s saying it and completely contradicting what Rich Paul was putting out there that EVERYONE tried to take as fact. Well now we have to do the same with these quotes right? The Boston Celtics are officially on Anthony Davis’ list, which means the Kyrie/AD pairing is as real as ever. Tough break not just for Lakers fans, but Sixers and Knicks fans as well. Knicks fans were convinced they were getting Kyrie, Sixers fans were convinced they might finally have a chance against this team despite never, ever, ever winning, and in reality it sure looks like a doomsday scenario for them both. Let’s stop this blog quickly for a live look at what’s going on in LA with these quotes coming out

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Look there’s still a long way to go in this whole thing, but the first step was preventing Dell Demps from making a mistake at the deadline. Ainge did that. The next step was getting the reassurance that Davis actually wanted to come and play in Boston and that they were on his list. Ainge did that. The final step is to bring him home while somehow keeping Jayson Tatum. It’s going to be the hardest part of this whole ordeal, but I have faith in Danny Ainge, he hasn’t let us down yet.

Now we let Kyrie do his thing over All Star Weekend. This is why you shouldn’t care that he’s playing in the All Star Game. He’s about to cuck LeBron right in front of his fucking face. Man do I love when a good plan comes together