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Bellator's Main Event Just Began And Ended With A Kick To The Balls, Victim Now Being Taken Out On A Stretcher

I’m not sure I knew what the worst case scenario for a mixed martial arts main event was until tonight.

Now, I know it’s when two exciting heavyweights step into the cage, touch gloves, and one nut-shots the other with the VERY FIRST STRIKE OF THE FIGHT – ENDING THE FIGHT.


Our pal Matt Mitrione was incredibly apologetic to the fans and his opponent afterwards, as he didn’t mean to kick him in the cock immediately, obviously, but fuck, man. What happened there? Just about every nut-shot I’ve ever seen in MMA results in some wincing from the recipient, followed by the referee telling them they’ve got five minutes to recover and decide if they would like to continue, which the fighter almost ALWAYS doesn’t use. I can’t remember the last time I saw a fighter take even sixty seconds, ’cause when the adrenaline’s pumping, you just want to continue fighting before the true pain sets in. Here, Sergei Kharitonov ate that shot to the dick and was down for the count until a literal stretcher and crew of EMTs came to lift him out of the cage.

You think his nuts ruptured? Just full on ball explosion under that cup? I mean…this is sorta outrageous. Never seen anything like it. I bet his nuts ruptured.

Tough end to the night, but hey, if I got kicked in the balls, I wouldn’t get up from the ground within five minutes if my life literally depended on it, so I ain’t hatin’. Get well soon Sergei.

P.S. I know this isn’t funny but this is ABSOLUTELY funny. Hilarious, in fact. One of the best gifs I’ve seen in quite some time.