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Did The NFL Give Into A Terrorist's Demands?

This has been chaffing my ass for a while now.  Did the NFL give into a terrorists demands?  Because to me it couldn’t be more evident they did.

Look, Barstool Sports had more engagement than anyone on planet earth during Super Bowl week.  Everyone down in ATL, our social team, sales teams, New Amsterdam Vodka, and everyone in between straight up crushed the entire holiday week, and it was all thanks to Roger Goodell.

Kmarko even wrote a blog where the thesis was the theory of Goodell actually being the biggest Stoolie on earth.  Plausible, but I think it’s that Goodell is actually a bitch and scared shitless of the wrath of the most dangerous man on the internet.


If you think about it all Gooddell had to do to really hit Dente where it hurts was grant him complete and total access to everything.  Instead he did the opposite and in turn gave Dente every single thing he *actually* wanted, and Barstool Sports generated a billion clicks over the course of the whole week and emerged even more.  Gooddell folded like a cheap suit.  Whether he likes it or not, he negotiated with a terrorist, and a terrorist of the highest order.

That’s all I really have to say about this