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NFL Owners are Looking to Replace Roger Goodell with Adam Silver

Source - “Several NFL owners” have approached NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to try to interest him in taking over the NFL, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne reported Thursday.

But Silver is apparently not biting.

“I’ll just say I have not given it any thought,” Silver told ESPN. …

Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner unpopular with many fans, has the support of at least some NFL team owners. Though there was a messy public battle in 2017 over his contract negotiations, Goodell ultimately signed an extension through March 2024.

Silver has been commissioner of the NBA for five years and also had his contract extended through the 2023-24 season.

Imagine replacing this:


With the man who can do this?

It’s pretty obvious what’s happening here. The NFL owners are finally beginning to realize that Roger Goodell has outlived his usefulness. He was worth having around for a while because he took abuse that would otherwise be intended for them. They used him as a meat shield to absorb the bullets fired at the league about terrible officiating, gawdawful products like Thursday Night Football and London and Mexico City games, CTE, and blatant favoritism when it came to handing out punishments.

No one was pissed at the owner of the Ravens when he got Ray Rice off without even a slap on the wrist. Or the Giants owner when he got Josh Brown off. They were pissed at the commissioner/puppet who turned a blind eye to unconscionable acts of domestic violence. Besides, the Buffalo Bills – in America’s 47th biggest media market and an outdated stadium sold for $1.4 billion. So they rubbed Goodell’s empty little ginger head for luck and decided he was good for business. A useful idiot who lacks the human emotions required to hate taking all the abuse.

Obviously they feel like he’s served his useful purpose if they’re trying to buy out Adam Silver. In the wake of too many completely unnecessary PR disasters.

Too many ridiculous decisions like shoehorning two teams into LA, a city that gives zero shits about pro football. Too many power moves against players and fans. Too much making up his own rules in what a federal judge called his own brand of industrial justice. And at some point, the guy who used to protect you from the bad pub just starts attracting bad pub. Goodell is a like a lab animal that’s absorbed as much abuse as anyone could’ve hoped, but now he’s getting everyone else sick and it’s time to put him down.

I have no idea if Adam Silver would ever take the job since he seems perfectly content to just run the NBA and do pioneering work on magical jerseys. But just knowing that Goodell knows his owners are going behind his back to replace him is enough to fill my soul with pure joy.