Wake Up With Mike Trout Hitting A Game Tying Grand Slam Off Of Chris Sale

This is the kind of stuff MLB should be marketing. Two of the biggest names in baseball, even though it was a few years ago, going head-to-head late in a game. We've got the young Mike Trout going up against Chris Sale who has a little lip sweater on. Sale is doing his normal workhorse stuff, 114 pitches in the bottom of the 8th.
3-2 count and Trout unloads on the Sale pitch. Seems like Sale instantly knew he was in trouble, it was just a question of if the ball was gonna go off the wall or over. Spoiler alert, it landed in the rocks. Trout doing Trout things. Sale wasn't at the level he's at today, but he was damn good back then. It's also scarier that Mike Trout was this damn good and is improving every year.
These are the clips that need to be circulating for MLB to grow and reach their young audience. Show these powerhouse matchups of marque players. Show us big hits, let us tweet big plays, do anything to make it relateable. Until then people won't know what Mike Trout looks like or that Chris Sale used to be on the White Sox.
I just remembered that this was Trout's third full season, first season winning MVP and he was still only 22. The guy is a freak.