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Danny Ainge Officially Ended The "Better Without Kyrie" Nonsense

Before the Celts took the floor against the Pistons yesterday I shared my own thoughts on the blog about how absolutely stupid this notion that the Celtics were better without Kyrie Irving was. As I said it’s something we see each and every time this team wins a game without a main guy. Suddenly that small sample is supposed to be treated as fact. Well after their win again last night over the Pistons, you knew this was only going to pick up steam. I guess people need stuff to talk about considering this team has won 12 of the last 15 and that’s fine. The First Takes and Colin Cowherd’s of the world are going to take this lazy take and run with it. You see Cowherd even tried to use facts to support his case but left out a couple of important details like ya know, who the actual teams are that the Celtics have played during this stretch. So while anyone who actually pays attention to this team can easily debunk this hot take, I’m glad to see the man at the top is willing to weigh in and settle this debate once and for all.

He went on the radio earlier this morning to give his thoughts

and now he’s doubling down on Twitter. Let me ask you this, does that sound like a man that’s worried about Kyrie leaving or feels like this team is better without him? We already heard about how they know Rich Paul leaked all that stuff about Kyrie wanting to leave and here he is once again reinforcing what everyone with a brain already knows. This team is not better without Kyrie and beating the Cavs and Pistons and Hornets of the world doesn’t change that. Who do you think has more in depth data and analysis to help form a legit opinion on this subject. Danny Ainge or the talking heads?

So thank you Danny for stepping in and stopping this madness. Hopefully we can officially put this nonsense to bed.

Also, shoutout to Scal for fighting the good fight as well