JuJu Smith-Schuster Is About To Have A Lot Of Sex

Thirst trap Hall of Fame!

As soon as I saw this, I thought RIP (in the best kind of way) to JuJu’s DMs. I’d imagine this thirst trap is about to make every girl who follows him go “awww, baby. I’ll be your Valentine!”… or something along those lines. There are going to be girls that legit believe he’s alone too. Seriously, this is brilliant. What a move to get those DMs poppin off. Can you imagine the pity nudes this guy is about to get!? Insane.

It’s basically the 2019 version of Sleepless in Seattle. A single guy publicly wants requests love and the women come out in flocks.

Plus, the social media dating game these days is wild.

JuJu is easily my favorite NFL player off the field (despite the fact he plays for the Steelers). He’s never ending entertainment. Add this photo shoot to the list of the bike saga, TD celebrations and batting down Mia Khalifa. One time I had a dream that I was his girlfriend and we got matching bikes from Santa. (Keep your mind out of the gutter. We only held hands. PG dreams are possible!)

Big, big fan of #19. He’s the gift that keeps on giving. And I’d say he’s going to have one hell of a night after asking for a “chance”.

Go off, king.