Gambling > Valentines Day

Today is a day where people show their love for each other, others sit on there couch and gamble their lives away. Either way tonight you are going to be spending a shit ton of money and you might as well spend it on something where you can get some coin in return.

You know exactly what you are getting into when you take a date out. You will be paying for the bill because you are a gentlemen and then you will be sweating the bill the entire night. Unfortunately that isn’t all you have to pay for, a gift and some flowers are implied too. I am okay with all of that but the biggest problem is planning everything. Finding the right restaurant which will be crowded as shit and you wont be able to get any extra garlic knots for the table because the waiter/waitress will be way to busy. After all of that you think you would be done. Nope, now you have to be active on your instagram/instagram story and show everyone that really doesn’t care about your spectacular night out. Everyone really enjoys posts where you you confess your love for your girlfriend. Also if you have a bet in and you check the score on your phone, BOOM night is over. “Is your stupid game more important than me!?” Well if they hit at +580 ML it really might be a little more important. Think about how much stress this day brings on you if you have a girlfriend and think about all the other things you can do.

You can be sitting on your couch with an assortment of fast food items, with a parrot on a mop and nice mid major basketball game. The only stress you have is what you deal with every day. You worry about your lively hood and paying bills but you only have to worry about yourself. (And to always know where the bookie is) Do yourself a favor and have a nice relaxing night of gambling and appreciate it while being single.