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Gilbert Arenas Is Joining The Big3 League Because They Don't Have Gun Control Policies

Agent Zero is back! For a 3-5 year period Gilbert Arenas was probably my favorite player in the NBA. I had 3 pairs of his Adidas kicks over the years and even wore his sneakers when I was playing AAU basketball  in 8th grade (Yeah you bet your ass I played AAU, ya boy had the RATCHET back in the day).

Also crazy to look back and think about this, but he was so good that no one cared his name was Gilbert. That might be the worst name for a premier athlete of all time. I can’t think of a less intimidating name on paper for an opponent than Gilbert. Absolutely brutal. But when you light the league on fire with career averages of 21, 5 and 4 and you bring guns to the locker room, people forget very quickly that you share a name with a guy who looks like this.

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I decided to take a deeper dive into this decision by Gilbert so I’ve been doing some research into the structure of the Big3 League. In my few moments of scrolling through their website I saw no mention of any restrictions on bringing firearms into the locker room. Whether this was a major factor that played into his decision to join the league is neither here nor there, but I’d imagine the freedom and comfort of Americas second amendment laws not being compromised may have.

In all seriousness Ice Cube has done a great job with the Big3 League and getting more and more marquee names like this to play in it has definitely contributed to the success of the league. They’re adding 4 more teams this season and got everyones favorite Keeping up with the Kardashians star Lamar Odom to join the team. From what I remember from my diligent research I don’t recall any mentions of limitations on brothels or a drug testing system being in place so we should be in for one hell of a season! Shout out Stephen A. Smith for doing the lords work.