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Watch Steve Kerr Have A Fantastic Meltdown At The End Of The Warriors Game

Now that is how you rant! What an A+ eruption from Steve Kerr as a result of a very iffy flagrant foul. This explosion gave us everything from a quality clipboard spike, in your face yelling with an emphatic fist pump, being forced off the flood by Kevin Durant, you damn sure Steve Kerr was going to earn every penny of the fine that’s coming his way. It’s honestly good to see Kerr still have that level of passion for a mid February pre All Star break game. By this point everyone just wants to get on a plane and get on vacation and here we have Steve Kerr going all Dad mad on everyone’s asses. Now if you didn’t see the play let’s have a look at what has Kerr so worked up

That’s it? That’s a flagrant nowadays? It’s not like Draymond got Collins in the face or anything. That seems a little iffy and after reviewing the evidence Steve Kerr had every right to blow a gasket. Immediately after this series of events the Warriors packed it in and ultimately lost by 22 but don’t let that take away from what was an incredible Stere Kerr temper tantrum.