The Bulls Officially Win The Otto Porter Trade

While you’re getting triggered I’m over here reading box scores and reporting facts:

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 9.30.11 PMCareer high 37 points. 16-20 from the field. 10 boards. Singlehandedly bringing the Bulls their first home win in 8 weeks. Ladies & Gents it’s time to celebrate.

tenorAt this pace #22 will be hanging right next to #23 Some Day. Is it fair to suggest maybe GarPax actually know what they’re doing?

giphyAbsolutely not.

Jesus Christ himself couldn’t save those bums and He practically invented salvation.

To those offended , go buy a t-shirt. All proceeds go to animals (read: horse-racing).

PS – Jo will always give me the feels. I will always LOVE this man.