This Is My Flu Blog

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 6.14.48 PM

I’ve been working on this blog for the better part of 24 hours now. I was going to write and publish it last night, but I was feeling so incredibly sick that I couldn’t look at my laptop. I woke up this morning feeling ok, went into work, and I did a couple blogs. When I came back around to doing this one, my symptoms intensified. I packed up and came home and just in the nick of time, because boy am I feeling like a rotten banana right now. Head is pounding, body is aching, the whole nine yards. But my focus hasn’t been lost- I’ve wanted to get this blog up. Because Cazzie David is crazy hot and throwing out thirst traps on the IG the day before Valentine’s Day. Right in all her ex-boyfriends faces. Who has two thumbs, is wildly attractive, and worth half a billion dollars? Cazzie David is. Remember when she put this picture up when ol’ Butthole Eyes was in the news?


Also, me and Trent didn’t know what she meant by the caption. What does her back being sunburnt have to do with being single? Fran filled us in, she’s saying she doesn’t have someone to put sunscreen on her back. Damn.

So anyway, this is my flu blog. My body could explode in a matter of seconds. If this is it for me, it’s been real.