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This Girl Who Threw A Chair Off Her Balcony Down Onto A Busy Highway Is A Menace To Society

Straight up I can’t decide who’s worse, that girl or The Joker. The ‘Biggest Menace To Society’ rankings comes down to those two and those two only. Like yeah, The Joker blew up a hospital and rigged two boats packed with people to explode but that girl tossing a chair off her balcony down onto a busy highway and running away is fucking nuts. So much can go wrong if that lands on someone’s windshield. Even cars having to swerve around the chair is incredibly dangerous. Many could die. She didn’t even have the balls to stick around and see what chaos she caused. She ran like a coward.

Also, and this is key, The Joker is a fictional character from a Batman movie and that girl is a real person so she instantly more dangerous. That girl is out in the world. She’s living among us and breathing the same air and causing real chaos in real life. Lock her up and throw away the key. She can come out and apologize and express regret for her crime but we should still lock her up. Lunatics like her only escalate things. Let her off the hook and next thing you know a bowling ball is gonna go crashing through the roof of someone’s Camry.