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We've Come A Long Way Since Having To Break Into The Headquarters Of The National Lacrosse League

This was January 18, 2017. Just over 2 short years ago, I had to sneak by security and basically break into the NLL headquarters (those doors were tricky) just to have a chance to talk to the Commissioner about bringing the Wings back and possibly finding myself on a roster.

History often has a tendency to repeat itself. And history would show that when Barstool comes storming up to the gates of a league’s headquarters, they end up leaving in handcuffs. However, I was not apprehended at the moment. In fact, I ended up getting cordially invited back to the league offices albeit the fact that it was 25 months later.

From essentially being a criminal and trespassing to being a guest of honor–all in the span of just 2 years? Not a big deal or anything.

And for all you idiots out there who say “who cares? It’s just lacrosse”… I just really hope I’m still alive in a few years to be able to look back at all of you and tell you how goddamn idiotic you were. Because lacrosse is the sport of the future and there’s nothing you can do about it. Why else would a new professional lacrosse league get billionaires to invest in the league and also get NBC to air an additional games this summer if people who are way smarter than the comment section didn’t think that lacrosse is the future? Tell me that.

The future is here, boys and girls. And it just feels so good to be on the right side of history.