It May Be Valentine's Day, But It Was Just A Normal Thursday For Me

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I just can’t catch a break in life. I’ve been talking to this chick on Bumble and persuaded her into giving me her snapchat so I could make some moves. I haven’t been able to make these moves because I’ve been traveling and working, but I’ve always made time to snap a photo of what I’m eating or some sexy selfie of me with my hoodie on. Girls love two things: attractive guys, and hoodies. Fortunately, I have one of those features.


* This was from Thanksgiving last year. I should have shaved, I know. *

One day (today) this woman that I used to know had a selfie that was glamorous and deserved a comment. I sent her the eye emoji, commonly used as “I see you” or “Okayyy”


After sending these greenish pupil eyes that actually just look like Grade A sized eggs, I received this momentarily.


For many, today was a celebration of love. For me, it was just another day of life. I didn’t have a Valentine today, so I smashed some Shake Shack instead. I hope you the reader find you love like Drake once said.