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Vernon Davis Wants To Be The Next Will Smith After He Retires

TMZ - The Fresh Prince of … D.C.??

Vernon Davis hopes that’s one of his nicknames in the near future … ’cause the Redskins star tells TMZ Sports once his football days are done — he wants to be the next Will Smith!!!

“Anything he touches is golden, and that’s what I’d like to model myself after.”

Davis has been acting as a side gig for a while — he’s had parts in “The League” and “Baywatch” in the past — and just landed his biggest role yet on “Hell on the Border” … starring Frank Grillo and Ron Perlman.

But, Vernon says his passion for acting goes deeper than cameos … he wants to be a legit Hollywood star after his football career is over!!!

In fact … Davis sees himself as an action star — saying his football roots give him an easy transition there!!!


This is awesome. Some athletes want to hop into the booth and become an announcer or commenter. Some want to get into coaching. Some think they can become rappers. But Vernon Davis? He wants to be an actor. And not just any sort of actor, dude wants to be an action star. That’s awesome. He doesn’t want to be the former athlete who has random cheesy cameos in B-list movies, he wants to be a real actor

247 Sports - Davis is becoming more and more serious about his budding career as an actor, and he says that it’s a passion of his that will get more attention whenever he decides to hang up the cleats.

“I think (acting) creates a challenge, especially if you’re doing your own stunts,” said Davis. “It fits the description so far as the next phase of my life and the next phase of my career.”

Interestingly enough, not many football players have become big time movie stars. The Rock obviously went from playing college football to a cup of coffee in the CFL then to WWE before becoming the biggest movie star on the planet. Before him the biggest crossover star was OJ Simpson…and yeah, I guess you could say he’s not the guy you want to model your career after.

Hopefully Vernon Davis catches a few more TDs this season and then gallops into the NFL sunset and wakes up in Hollywood. We already know he’s a good actor because he pretends the Redskins are a team he wants to play for, so that’s a good start. If he keeps it up, gets a few cool roles, and keeps improving, who knows, maybe in 30 years he’s remembered more for movies than football.